Restaurant history The Mariahilferbräu and the culture of the Viennese Beisl

Restaurant historyA Beisl is a typical Viennese, long-established, comfortable and plain inn. It is related to the Italian Trattoria and can also be roughly compared to the German Kneipe and Swiss Beiz. The classic Viennese Beisl has a spacious taproom where wine is cooled and beer tapped, dark painted wood panelling, basic tables and chairs along with traditional cuisine and a diverse crowd. (read more ...)

Visit our photogallery to see how the Mariahilferbräu looks today.

Our menu à la carte menu, cool and hot drinks, Sunday brunch

Our digital menu

Sunday brunch at Mariahilferbräu

Lunch buffet & Sunday brunch

Our Lunch buffet is on weekdays between 12:00 and 14:00 with a wide array of delicious warm dishes, salads and desserts. Don't miss it! Not served during school holidays.
Breakfast à la carte at Mariahilferbräu

Breakfast à la carte

Breakfast à la carte is served daily between 09:00 and 11:00 a.m.
Dishes à la carte im Mariahilferbräu

Dishes à la carte

Dishes à la carte is served daily between 11:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Group Reservations Please contact us for group reservations.

Group reservations at Mariahilferbräu

Corporate celebrations, school groups, travel groups, special occasions.

We run a traditional Viennese pub in a cozy atmosphere with popular Viennese dishes and international specialties. We will also glady organize private parties for company celebrations or special events. For student and travel groups we offer a special menu and selection of dishes. Please send inquiries via email to (subject: group reservation) We are pleased to answer any questions.

Eco-Labelling We comply with the Austrian eco-label.

Austrian Eco-Label for Tourism Enterprises

Austrian Eco-Label for Tourism Enterprises

The Austrian Eco-Label for Tourism Enterprises was created in 1996 as a quality label attesting to environmentally conscious management and socially-minded conduct by tourism enterprises. The approved businesses are committed to maintaining the foundations of life and dedicated to the well-being of their guests, economising on operating costs in the process.

Based on an extensive list of criteria, businesses are rated on the following aspects: general management, environmental management, energy, water, waste, air, noise, office, cleaning, chemicals, hygiene, building and living, furnishings and fixtures, food, cuisine, traffic and outdoor areas, seminars and wellness.

The basic requirements are represented in the mandatory criteria and become applicable in accordance with the type of business and range of services. In addition, there are certain op-tional target criteria that take into account the specific business situation in greater detail, such as size, range of services, furnishings and fixtures, and location.

How does a business benefit by complying with the requirements of the Austrian eco-label?

Environmentally oriented management saves costs: operating costs can be reduced by using energy, water and detergents rationally and avoiding waste through conscious purchasing decisions and waste-sorting

Businesses improve their image by informing their employees and guests of their environmental measures

Marketing instrument to position the undertaking in the tourism market and attract ecologically minded guests.

How do guests benefit from an environmentally certified business?

Environmentally conscious management guarantees quality.

An enjoyable and relaxing stay with healthy regional food and assistance in using public transportation.

Guests are made comfortable by offering a pleasant climate in the rooms with opti-mised heating and cooling, thermal insulation, and high quality air thanks to select-ed materials and non-smoker areas.

How does the region benefit from environmentally certified businesses?

Positive contribution to the environmental situation in the region

Reduction of CO2 emissions by promoting renewable energy and energy savings

Boosting of regional economy and culture thanks to preference for regional shopping